Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness updates | Southwestern Illinois College吉林11选五号码走势图吉林11选五号码走势图
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        1. School and Campus Situational Awareness

          Wednesday, April 1, 吉林11选五号码走势图, 11:00 a.m.

          Per Executive Order from Governor J.B. Pritzker, the State of Illinois has extended the “stay at 吉林11选五号码走势图” order effective through April 30, 吉林11选五号码走势图. 

          SWIC is extending the “stay at 吉林11选五号码走势图” mandate through May 2, 吉林11选五号码走势图.

          As previously communicated please continue providing services to our students through the end of the semester utilizing online alternative learning methods.

          Friday, March 20, 吉林11选五号码走势图, 5:00 p.m.

          Per Executive Order 吉林11选五号码走势图-10 from Governor J.B. Pritzker, the state of Illinois has issued a “stay at 吉林11选五号码走势图” order effective tomorrow, March 21, 吉林11选五号码走势图 at 5:00 p.m.

          Those employees who can work from 吉林11选五号码走势图 must do so at this time instead of coming to campus.

          SWIC is considered an essential business for purposes of facilitating distance learning and performing essential functions.  Minimal employee functions need to be performed on campus in a safe manner to include Business Office, Information Technology, Physical Plant, President’s Staff, and Public Safety.  All other personnel are to do as much work remotely as possible.  Check your email at least once a day and stay in regular contact with your supervisor. Should you need to be on campus you must have your SWIC ID with you at all times.

          At this time the “stay at 吉林11选五号码走势图” order from the Governor is in effect until April 7, 吉林11选五号码走势图; however SWIC is extending the mandate until April 18, 吉林11选五号码走势图.  As previously communicated please continue providing services to our students utilizing online alternative learning methods. 

          Employees will continue to be paid. 

          Thank you to those who have pulled together and displayed their integrity more than ever.  I’m glad to see many of you lead by example.

          Thursday, March 19, 吉林11选五号码走势图, 5:15 p.m.

          Southwestern Illinois College吉林11选五号码走势图 is closely watching the activities associated with the coronavirus. The college continues to update its website to keep employees and communities apprised of the latest developments concerning COVID-19. 

          The following policies will be implemented by Southwestern Illinois College吉林11选五号码走势图 on March 22, 吉林11选五号码走势图 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and will guide operations at the Belleville, Red Bud and Sam Wolf Granite City campuses. 


          • SWIC college courses will be delivered via online or alternative delivery mechanisms beginning March 22 for the remainder of the spring 吉林11选五号码走势图 semester in order to limit exposure and possible transmission of the virus.  Instructors will be utilizing Blackboard and email for on-line courses.  Students who need assistance with Blackboard and/or do not have computer or Internet access should notify their instructor.
          • For those classes that are not conducive for on-line instruction and require hands on learning, instruction has been suspended through April 18.  The college will continually reassess the situation to determine if other alternatives are needed. Instructors/coordinators have contacted those students involved.
          • Faculty are encouraged to work remotely.

          Student 吉林11选五号码走势图

          • Enrollment/Advising/Financial Aid/Student Accounts/Testing Centers/Library
          • Registration and advising for the summer and fall 吉林11选五号码走势图 semesters are available online.  We encourage students to register online, but if this is not possible please contact the Registration Office at 618.235.2700 x5599 to make individual arrangements.
          • 吉林11选五号码走势图 will be available via phone and email.  Please refer to the most up-to-date information on the college website.
          • The Testing Centers at all campuses will be closed. 
          • The Disability and Access Center will be closed until April 18, 吉林11选五号码走势图.
          • The Libraries at all campuses will be closed.

          Success Center

          • Success Centers are closed March 21 through April 18. Please refer to the most up-to-date information on the college website. 
          • Students may receive academic assistance through the Online Writing Lab available through eSTORM.
          • Limited email, phone or alternative method tutoring may be available. Please email successcenters@吉林11选五号码走势图 with questions or to request a tutoring session.

          Campus Operations

          • Effective March 22 through April 18
          • Sam Wolf Granite City Campus will be closed except for Public Safety officers and Physical Plant personnel.  Should an employee wish to go to the campus, they must show their SWIC identification badge for entry.  Entry will be limited to one entrance designated by Public Safety.
          • Red Bud Campus will be closed except for Physical Plant personnel.
          • Belleville Campus will be open for essential operational functions.
          • The Information Sciences Building will be closed except for employees.  Entry will be accessible via employee PIN or SWIC badge.
          • The Main Complex and the Liberal Arts Building will be open to students and employees who must show their SWIC identification badge.  Entry will be limited to Entrances A and G in the Main Complex and the Quad door and Circle Drive door in the Liberal Arts Building.


          • Administrators and support staff are also encouraged to work remotely.  Departmental staffing information will be forthcoming within the next 48 hours. 


          • March 22 through April 18
          • The Cafeteria will be open for made-to-order take-away services only.  Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.
          • All patrons should utilize the additional hand sanitizer dispensers that have been placed in various places in the serving area.

          Starbucks will be closed.

          Student Activities, Events, and Commencement

          • Student activities will be suspended until April 18, at which time the health situation will be reassessed. 
          • Events with more than ten (10) attendees that are college-sponsored or hosted by registered student organizations are suspended indefinitely.
          • Social gatherings outside the college with more than ten attendees are also discouraged.
          • Spring Commencement Ceremonies are cancelled. Degrees will be mailed.


          • Any college-sponsored international travel is prohibited, along with non-essential domestic travel until further notice.
          • Personal international travel is strongly discouraged, and we urge caution and the exercise of good judgment for personal domestic travel.

          Sunday, March 15, 吉林11选五号码走势图, 8:00 PM

          Latest Updates

          First, we must act sensibly, respectfully, and prudently without panic concerning this national health incident.  Current data suggest that most individuals are at low risk and will recover. (See ).  To date, there have been no cases impacting our students, faculty or employees.  SWIC has cancelled face-to-face classes for Sunday, March 15 through Sunday, March 22 to prepare for a transition of as many as possible on-ground classes to a remote, online, and/or alternative educational format.  During that time, the college will remain open.

          The college has been on spring break this past week, March 9-14.  SWIC will resume classes in a remote, online, and/or alternative format on Monday, March 23rd.  The college is continuing to assess this evolving situation.

          SWIC is closely monitoring reports and recommendations from national and regional health agencies regarding the Coronavirus.  While the college is taking proactive actions for the health and safety of faculty, staff, students, and visitors, it is important to note there are no confirmed cases on campus at this time.  Following are actions SWIC is taking to address COVID-19. These guidelines are in effect through April 17, 吉林11选五号码走势图, at which point they will be reevaluated.

          • The President’s Cabinet, which meets weekly, will continually address the pandemic crisis to stay current on COVID-19 issues, to educate the campus community, and to develop procedures to respond to a possible expansion of the pandemic situation.
          • Departments have been directed to prepare continuity of operation plans to ensure they can provide vital services in a pandemic crisis.
          • SWIC has canceled all spring season athletic competitions through the academic year.
          • PSOP will be closed to any and all activities except for essential operational services.
          • Social distancing is strongly encouraged in all situations, defined by the CDC as maintaining a six foot distance from others and avoiding mass gatherings when possible.
          • SWIC is currently working on implementing additional technology to promote teleconference, video conference and other forms of online meetings.
          • The college strongly discourages hosting or attending any non-essential large gatherings including social gatherings.  Events that do not allow for appropriate social distancing should be canceled or moved to a larger facility.  It is not recommended to schedule any new large events that would occur through May 2.
          • Deans, Divisional Chiefs, and Executive Directors have the authority to assess essential events and address other questions.
          • SWIC’s Public Safety Department remains in close contact with local, state and federal agencies to receive recommendations regarding COVID-19.
          • SWIC has an up-to-date emergency plan that includes a pandemic section.
          • The college has an emergency team compliant with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) that will operate in an operations center in the event of a crisis situation.  
          • SWIC’s custodial cleaning service uses an EPA-registered disinfectant to clean touch points, public and common area restrooms and kitchens daily. There are also sanitization dispenser stations throughout the campuses.  Hand sanitizer can help prevent the spread of the virus, though proper hand washing technique is deemed to be more effective by the CDC.  Hand washing instructions can be found in the restrooms on SWIC’s campuses.

          What is the risk?

          The CDC considers this new virus a public health concern; however, the immediate health risk to the general U.S. public is considered low at this time.

          Please refer to regional and national health agencies for the most accurate, up-to-date information.


          Please visit our Coronavirus FAQ for more information. General, Students, Families, Faculty and Staff.

          SWIC Event Status

          List of canceled or postponed events. This list will be updated as new information is received.

          SWIC Status

          Find the latest updates for your Program/Department/Office regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

          Friday, March 13, 吉林11选五号码走势图, 1:30 PM

          School and Campus Situational Awareness

          Southwestern Illinois College吉林11选五号码走势图’s President Nick Mance announced the College吉林11选五号码走势图 will extend spring break for students by one week as a precautionary measure related to COVID-19. Students currently enrolled in online courses are continuing their academic progression as normal. To reduce the density of people on campus, alternative instructional delivery will resume on March 23 and continue through April 3. 

          No student, faculty or staff has tested positive on any SWIC campus; however, Mance indicated: “SWIC will continue to assess the situation and develop plans for continued operations should we need to take additional measures.  Students are urged to concentrate on academics and should closely monitor SWIC email and for announcements and updates.” 

          Although spring break is being extended for students, College吉林11选五号码走势图 operations and all campuses remain open. College吉林11选五号码走势图-sponsored events with large attendance are suspended through April 17, 吉林11选五号码走势图.

          Below are resources federal and state public health have developed, specific for 吉林11选五号码走势图s and campuses, that may help answer internal and external questions: